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AHSEAssociation for Horsemanship, Safety and Education
AHRCAustralian Horse Riding Centres
NCASNational Coaching Accrediation Scheme
Certificate III and IV in Sport Coaching Equestrian
EFAEquestrian Federation of Australia
FEIFederation Equestrian Internationale
MACVScMember Australian College Veterinary Surgeons
MRCVSMember Royal College Veterinary Surgeons
NCASNational Coaching Accreditation Scheme
NCDNational Coaching Director
BAppScBachelor of Applied Science (Equine Studies)
BABachelor of Arts
BEdBacelor of Education
BScBachelor of Science
BVScBachelor of Veterinary Science

EFA offer 3 levels of accreditation;
Level 1 : addresses the basics of coaching and is directed at a General, Non-Jumping, or vaulting in background. Level 2 and 3 can be General or specialize in the disciplines of Dressage, Showjumping and Eventing.

In addition, EFA Coaches must annually maintain their Senior First Aid training qualification and their insurance premiums to stay on the official EFA Accredited Coaches list. Coaches also have a Code of Conduct they need to abide by which ensures their clients receive the best possible treatment.

AHRC accreditation:
AHRC Level One (Recreational or Trail Ride): The AHRC level one qualifies coaches to instruct riders in flatwork and jumping on school horses within an accredited Australian Horse Riding Centre. Trainee instructors must hold a current Senior First-Aid Certificate and are required to submit a workbook proving 250 hours of teaching in a member riding school and attend training workshops and complete a logbook showing competency in set tasks and theory of horsemanship.

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